TV online: more than TV, larger than Internet


In the era of the Internet, is there still anything left that you can’t find on the web? Oh, yes, there is – the most part of TV content. But recently both technologies have been combined into what now is called Internet TV. This latest software represents the synergy between these two sources of information and entertainment. It also lets you access the broadcasts of your native country via the Internet, and watch them at any time and in any place you feel convenient. The streaming of Polish television online, for one, is provided by the country’s renowned vendor PolBox.TV.

TV online: invented to please

Millions of Poles living abroad can now enjoy diversified content in the Polish language. It includes 100+ channels, 3,000+ movies and major radio stations from Poland. To get access, they simply need to install Polish TV online, which is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Order the package on;
  2. Install and adjust the set-top box (no satellite dishes, no cables, no holes drilling);
  3. Enjoy the streaming.

Polish TV via the Internet is available:

  • On any device, whether it is a TV set, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone;
  • At any OS for PC (Windows, MAC OS, Linux) or for mobile (iOS, Android) platform;
  • Both with strong and weak Internet connection (Eco Mode).

Polish television online is not simply a source of information or entertainment distributed from your homeland, it is also a tool. Choosing PolBox.TV as your provider, you get a number of additional features to the basic service package:

  • Reschedule streaming to the hours more convenient for you;
  • Save certain shows to the archive and watch them later;
  • Limit the streaming available to your kids, protect them from inappropriate content;
  • End the fights over the remote control! Watch different Polish TV channels online simultaneously with other members of your family on different devices;
  • Work and watch! TV streaming can work in the background mode on your computer or smartphone;
  • Receive unlimited 24-hour hotline Technical Support;
  • Take advantage of interactive possibilities of Polish TV channels online;
  • Share your experience with other users in social networks and forums;
  • Finally, pay less than for the alternatives on the market – both for installation and maintenance.

Indulge yourself with some high-quality television Polish online content. Please, see the provider’s website PolBox.TV for more detailed information.